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#1 EMR for addiction treatment. Designed inside the Addiction Treatment Community for the Addiction Treatment Community.

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Gold Standard EMR

Kipu EMR is regarded as the Gold Standard EMR for addiction treatment. Click to find out why Kipu should be your EMR.

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10 Reasons to Choose Kipu

1. Kipu is a Gold Standard EMR
2. Kipu was built inside Treatment Centers
3. Kipu is secure…

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Kipu EMR
The Gold Standard EMR for Addiction and Behavioral Treatment

100% Customer Focused

100% Customer Focused

Developing cost effective and easy to use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technologies for the addiction and behavioral treatment community.

Paperless Solution

Paperless Solutions

Kipu EMR, is designed to provide paperless solutions for the entire client lifecycle – from the first phone call through discharge, and aftercare.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Intuitive & Easy to Use

Our field-tested, cloud-based EMR system is so intuitive and easy to use, the typical deployment time-frame is just one month.

Kipu EMR is Fast and Friendly
Staff members love Kipu’s fast, friendly, and easy to use interface.
This cloud solutions allows your staff to interact with Kipu from virtually any device.
Technologies for Addiction and Behavioral Health

Technologies for Addiction and Behavioral Health

At Kipu we specialize in creating leading edge EMR technologies designed specifically for needs of the substance abuse and behavioral health treatment facilities.

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Kipu EMR is Continuously Updated Automatically

Kipu EMR is Continuously Updated Automatically

At Kipu we specialize in creating leading edge EMR technologies designed specifically for needs of the substance abuse and behavioral treatment facilities.

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SECURE in our Private Cloud

SECURE in our Private Cloud

At Kipu we specialize in creating leading edge EMR technologies designed specifically for needs of the substance abuse and behavioral treatment facilities.

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Jeffrey Fiorentino, CEO Kipu Systems, LLC

Visit my online blog to learn more about the business of addiction treatment. Click Here

A message from our C.E.O. Jeffrey Fiorentino

Hello, and thank you for considering Kipu. We have worked hard to make Kipu the number one EMR for addiction treatment — but if I can only have your attention for a moment, there’s so much more to the story.

You see, through a personal bout with addiction in my family, I am not on the outside, looking in, trying to “hawk” my EMR to make a handsome profit and run. I’m in — ALL IN, with everything me and my team can muster to fight that hideous disease known as addiction. That’s why we work tirelessly to perfect the Kipu eco-system and do more to help you serve your patients. More importantly, we have a holistic approach that entails so much more than being an EMR — we have a higher calling.

That’s why I recently purchased InRecovery Magazine, a 5 year old labor of love by publisher Kim Welsh — we’ll be pouring resources into making the InRecovery Magazine and website a broadly followed and important voice of addiction — a resource to help addicts and their families. With a voice, we can help eliminate the shame and stigma associated with addiction, so to broaden the number of people who seek treatment. It’s a total failing — a black eye on our country that out of the 27 million addicts in the US, only about 2 million a year get treatment. HIV and AIDS got a voice, and look how far we’ve come against that foe. Then there’s cigarette smoking; it decreased from 45% to 12% use by American adults in 35 years. We need to compress those successes into 10 years, and if we do, we will beat addiction.

Another area we have targeted is the first year after treatment. This is the time when an addict is most frail and likely to relapse. In fact, per the US Surgeon General, a relapse is likely 60+% of the time during the first year after treatment. That’s why I bought a company called PingMD® — a tele-health platform that took $13m and six years to build. We will re-purpose that technology to build a new level of care called “RecoveryBound™, an intensive one year post treatment program complete with curriculum, multi media content, exercises, tele-health and more that will be available to you, the treatment professional as a follow up program to treatment. RecoveryBound will be followed by 4 years of AfterCare. This is all part of the Kipu Eco System that I hope you consider when making an investment in an EMR.

I put my money where my mouth is, and we plough every penny that comes in back to the company. In fact, my salary is $1 per year because this is an important cause and there are so many things we need to do. We also give back to our community, with a commitment to return 10% of our bed/patient count back to deserving facilities who help our vets and destitute addicts. So far, we have granted over $5m back to treatment centers.

When you use Kipu, you not only get the very best EMR possible. You get a partner fighting addiction alongside your efforts. You help us plan for the future of OUR community, you help us build a better mousetrap, and you help us fight the battles that must take place to someday, have a meaningful impact on addiction.

I invite you to email or call me, 24 x 7 and tell me what you think, ask me a question, or just check in. We’re in this battle to stamp out addiction together.


Jeffrey Fiorentino

CEO, Kipu Systems


The top questions we’ve received have been posted to help new and existing clients navigate our software.

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear what our clients are saying.

Being a startup on the smaller side, we were working with a limited budget and Kipu initially gave us a sticker shock. We shopped around and found that a lot of new employees would actually recommend Kipu as the best. We in actuality came back full circle and signed with Kipu. We just wished we had listened to our colleagues from the beginning. It would have saved a lot of time and effort.

Vince Gurrera, at Florida Addiction & Recovery Center

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