5-Way Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

If, at any time after you sign our agreement and for 30 days after your go-live training, you’re not happy for any reason — no questions asked — simply contact us by phone, mail, email, whatever, and we’ll refund all but the first $5,000 of your implementation — and any monthly or patient fees will be credited as well.

“You Always Win” Guarantee

At Kipu, our Mission Statement isn’t all talk…It’s the way we do business, like our fathers and
grandfathers did. That means simply that the client (that’s you) is always right. Whatever you need, whatever it takes, whatever we can do — from additional training to sending staff to help out in a pinch — you got it! And if there’s ever a financial question…well, read our mission statement, it’s printed on our business cards, on the bottom of every email we send, and on the back of this page… you’ll win every time. Isn’t that refreshing?

30-Day Agile Implementation

There’s a check box on the first page of our simple, two-page agreement for our joint commitment to your 30 Day Implementation. So long as you do not delay, we will have you fully implemented and trained in 30 days or less. If we miss that goal, we’ll credit you the FIRST FIVE MONTHS of monthly invoices, up to $5,000. For single-location clients with fewer than 100 users

Bonus Guarantee

We call this one “winner, winner chicken dinner” and here it is: If you can get any other EMR Company (a real* company, please) to match our 5-WAY Guarantee in writing, then we’ll buy you the most expensive steak dinner you can name while we eat chicken

We’re Your Partner

We’re committed to being great partners — we know that your success is our success, and we act that way. That means we will do anything necessary to ensure your successful implementation and use of Kipu.
From easy no interest financing, to a simple plain English agreement, to unlimited phone, internet and in-person training and support**. No nickel and dime invoices here!

Oh, and partners don’t sue each other. That’s right, in over 5 years we’ve never been in litigation with a client, supplier, endor or employee — we’ve never even been threatened with such a law suit. We think that says a lot about a company. We make things right, no matter what!

*A “real” EMR: Must have 100 addiction treatment clients, be in busines for 3 years or more, and offer in-person – on-site implementation. Not funded by a lab (okay, that’s illegal by the way.) **In person as available.

*A “real” EMR: Must have 100 addiction treatment clients, in business 3 years or more, and offer in-person – on site implementation. Not funded by a Lab (ok, that’s illegal by the way).

Click here to download and/or print the Kipu 5-Way Guarantee.