About Us

Whether you offer Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, or OP, Kipu EMR software is the choice for your facility. Kipu was built by the addiction treatment community, for the addiction treatment community. Unlike other products that use a cookie-cutter approach from other health industries, Kipu was designed specifically for YOU: The addiction and behavioral health specialist.

Kipu EMR has quickly become the GOLD Standard EMR for addiction treatment centers, and is now the most successful, most widely used EMR by addiction treatment centers:

  • 1,300 client facilities
  • 32,000 users
  • 300,000+ episodes of care
  • 80+ lab partners

When we developed Kipu EMR, the addiction treatment industry desperately needed an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution that would maximize efficiency and eliminate redundancies. In Kipu EMR, the industry has that and more. Our innovative system provides solutions for the entire client life cycle – from the first phone call, through discharge, and into aftercare.

Why Is Kipu Considered The Best EMR Software?

We built a better mouse trap. Kipu EMR software became the Gold Standard EMR because of its advanced record keeping, extreme ease of use, and agile implementation. With over 1,300 facilities using Kipu EMR, you know you’re using the industry’s best and most widely used solution. We saw an opportunity to develop not only a powerful EMR – but one that is easy to use as well.

How Long Will It Take Me To Implement Kipu EMR Software?

For a single location facility with less than 100 users; 30 days or less – guaranteed! But don’t mistake speed for a lack of power and depth. We’re programmed in a modern language for cloud computing, so total customization is much faster than “older” systems.

We’re Fast AND Powerful!  

We’re invested in getting your addiction treatment facility up and running quickly. In fact, we’ve included a check box on the first page of our simple no-term agreement showing our joint commitment to your 30-Day Implementation. Our goal is to have you fully implemented and trained in 30 days or less. If we miss that goal, we’ll credit you the FIRST FIVE MONTHS of monthly invoices, up to $5,000.  Read our guarantee.

Does Kipu Require A Long-Term Contract?

No. Our simple, two-page, plain English agreement has no term to keep you locked in. We know that our superior product and service are the only way to keep you — so we don’t have a three, two, or even one-year contract like other EMR software providers. Our agreement runs month-to-month, so if we ever let you down, fire us and pay no termination or cancellation fees, other than your last month’s invoice.  Read our guarantee

The Kipu EMR Software 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Really! Our product and hosting are bulletproof. If we go down, we’ll refund you for down time. We’re always on and always available. Read our guarantee

The Kipu EMR Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time after you sign our agreement – and for 30 days after your go-live training – you’re not happy for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll refund all but the first $5,000 of your implementation along with any monthly or patient fees – no questions asked! Read our guarantee

Simply The Best EMR Software For The Addiction Treatment Industry

Kipu was written in the addiction treatment world, and exclusively serves addiction treatment and behavioral health. We start with a full-featured pre-admission CRM, and run every aspect of the episode of care with medication management, group and individual sessions, Golden Thread , and over 80 laboratory interfaces for urine, clinical, hair testing and pharmacogenomics. It’s no wonder we’re the Gold Standard EMR for addiction treatment!

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Kipu Locations

Kipu has offices or representatives throughout the United States including: Miami, Florida – Delray Beach, Florida – Los Angeles, California – New Hampshire – Maryland.

Our corporate offices are located in downtown Miami’s financial district at:

444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 850
Miami, Florida 33131