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Jeffrey Fiorentino is a writer, teacher and speaker in the areas of Business, Technology, Finance and Addiction. He is the CEO of Kipu Systems, producer of the Kipu EMR, an electronic medical records system built specifically in, and for, Addiction and Behavioral Health Treatment. Mr. Fiorentino is also CEO of "InRecovery Magazine", a publication and web site dedicated to bringing valuable, topical information and stories, exercises, and support to addicts and their families, and CEO of PingMD, an Android and IOS telehealth app for connecting addicts in aftercare with their addiction treatment professionals and establishing a new intensive one year post treatment "RecoveryBound" program followed by 4 additional years of aftercare to help addicts in recovery. Mr. Fiorentino graduated first in his class in the Studies of Entrepreneurship, with a BA, from the University of Miami, and Magna Cum Laude with a Masters of Accounting from the Graduate School of Business, at the University of Miami.

The Controlled Substance Agreement

Managing A Patient’s Expectations The out-of-control opioid epidemic has left most professionals scratching their heads. “If we could only figure out how to stop all this madness in its tracks.” I know it’s something we’ve all felt at one time or another, but what can one person do? Well, two industry professionals have carved out […]

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America’s Addiction Tragedy

Failing to Treat Its Afflicted Citizens According to our US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, there is a huge deficit of addiction treatment facilities in America, just as our national opioid epidemic is hitting epic proportions. It is a grave situation that is counter-productive because it’s estimated that every $1 invested in viable addiction treatment options […]

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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Coming Attraction – AR, VR & AI In Addiction Treatment. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have captured our imagination, as people and entire industries contemplate the myriad of ways we can integrate them into society. The products we use, the places we visit, the very nature of how we live our lives will inevitably be […]

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The Sooner the Better

US Surgeon’s General Report – Third In The Series. When most of us think of addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is someone in severe distress, whose life has otherwise become unmanageable, whether he or she realizes it or not. Someone who is in need of extreme care. The reality though, is that […]

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Facing Addiction In America.

US Surgeon’s General Report – Second In The Series. The new US Surgeon General’s Report entitled “Facing Addiction in America” is impressive in both breadth and scope. It tackles many issues and perspectives, while providing a wealth of statistical information substantiating the urgent need to take dramatic, immediate and urgent action to combat the acute […]

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$1 Billion Approved

US Surgeon’s General Report – First In The Series. After a year or so of back and forth, Congress finally passed ground-breaking legislation funding $1 billion to help fight our national epidemic of addiction, signed into law December 13, 2016 by President Obama After a year or so of back and forth, Congress finally passed […]

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