Manage all aspects of customer acquisition from leads through admission in Kipu’s highly specialized CRM.

Kipu is proud to unveil our full-strength CRM, integrated with our KipuEMR. Now, you can easily track prospects and analyze your outreach success directly inside of Kipu. The new CRM helps you to easily record everything from the very first call to intake screening making it a seamless transition into pre and full admission in Kipu. Save even more time while gaining greater insight into prospects and new patients. And all of it customized specifically designed for Substance Use Disorder Treatment and the unique needs of your admission team.

Document communications with the potential clients and their families

  • Analyze turnaround time from first inquiry until placement based on status changes
  • Provides notifications both on screen and via email so prospects do not fall through the cracks when information changes
  • Stores discreet data elements so you can analyze the quality of prospects, see organizational trends related to acceptance, rejection and turnaround times
  • Uniquely designed to accommodate re-admissions due to relapse with specific pre-admission data collected for each treatment episode
  • Track referral sources, sobriety dates, care needs, clinical and financial screening results specific to each treatment episode incurred
  • Access instant eligibility and benefit checks via VOBGetter
  • A customizable VOB phone processing application
    • Over 140 questions
    • Ability to print, email and recall completed VOBs
    • VOB specific metrics to track hold time, call time, turnaround time from request through completion so you can track your internal or external service level agreements
    • Sophisticated VOB work queue for work distribution and assignment



  • Ability to send facility staff encrypted PDF attachments of phone VOB’s, Clinical and Financial Screening forms so they can make an informed decision about a potential client’s viability
  • Transportation Planning and communication to internal transport team via email and calendar appointment
  • Interactive bed reservation system for placement planning tied to KipuEMR occupancy data
  • Track Business Development Activities related to Referral Source and Community Contact outreach efforts
  • Manage multiple levels of Referral Sources that you and your team know and trust
  • Utilize our integrated task and communication log systems to manage relationships and follow-ups
  • Designate a Relationship Manager at both the organization and individual contact level to aid in commission calculations and account ownership
  • Rate Referral Source to help you steer your relationship building efforts
  • Review dashboards and metrics related to both inbound and outbound referral activity

  • Utilize our Campaign and Marketing module to grow your business and analyze outcomes
  • Track your organizations efforts and expenditures for campaign and marketing events at individual and aggregate level
  • Link prospective clients as a referral source to stored events then analyze your ROI against outcomes and team goals
  • Additional features specific to our industry:
    • Financial forecasting based on projected Length of Stay with the ability to compare to contracted rates as well as actuals
    • Customizable clinical and financial screening tools
    • Client Care Cost Calculator based on information gleaned in VOB and planned care events specifically tailored to your organization


Now with CRM and Integrated Billing.