Only recently has the Buzzword “AfterCare” been used as a “level of care”, previously being called “alumni relations” or even “Alumni Programs.”

Kipu’s unique position in Addiction Treatment has given our Agile Development team insight into this very unique and segmented world. It doesn’t exist in behavioral health or any other area, so other EMR’s simply can’t do it. We built (and continue to build) our AfterCare module in Addiction Treatment, for Addiction Treatment, with robust features to nurture recovery and ensure compliance with prescribed Aftercare requirements.


Kipu has recently added PingMD to expand our telehealth capabilities well into the future. Click here to learn more about PingMD.

PingMD will allow us to merge the world of telehealth with long-term Aftercare.  We know the longer an addict is under care, the less likely they will relapse.   PingMD’s unique ability to provide secure communications between doctors, therapists, clinicians and their patients will revolutionize how addicts receive long-term Aftercare treatment.

pingMD Telehealth, Aftercare App
Stay tuned for more exciting information in the evolution of Aftercare.