Outcome Measures

At Kipu, we strive to ensure our clients are backed by the best EMR system that can handle everything from the beginning to end of the treatment and recovery process. For that reason, we put great focus on quality care. The need for relevant, timely and precise information to support improvement in patient care is vital.

The processes in place can provide the necessary information whenever it’s needed to help ensure that the best care practices are universally applied.

Clinical quality measures allow for performance tracking as improvements are made, and progress toward national shared goals of better care, smarter spending, and healthier people are made.

Measuring the quality of services rendered not only provides tangible feedback to doctors, nurses and other health care team members on the improvement efforts; it also helps inform the recovering addict about various providers. It also measures provider and facility reimbursement since federal and private insurers are shifting to value-based payment programs. Measurement is thus a key engine for optimizing healthcare for the recovering addict.

Provide Care - Implement Improvements - Measure Results - Plan Outcomes