Easy to Use EMR System for the Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Industry

Increase Number of Admissions

Kipu EMR helps increase your number of admissions by providing a meaningful tool that allows you to follow up effortlessly, while tracking a client from the initial phone call, through Pre-Admission and onto Admission. Our format allows the call center or marketing personnel to collect all the required information and digitally store it efficiently.

Customized Mini-CRM

We call it “Pre-Admission” but it’s really a customized mini-CRM that allows the call center or marketing personnel to run through the complete Pre-Admission process from the call or internet.

  • Click through every step
  • Follow up
  • Call back
  • Intervention
  • VOB
  • UR and even travel planning.

Fast, Reliable Feedback

From the first phone call, Electronic Interfacing for VOB, UR, and Pre-Admission forms are built in to provide fast and reliable feedback, before assessment. You can even process Pre-Admission Urine or Hair Drug Testing with one of the numerous Labs that are automatically interfaced with the system.

If your goal is to process and admit clients more efficiently, KIPU offers a perfect avenue for standardizing your process flow and the ability to track and follow up more accurately.