KIPU Reports may be customized to include data and selected parameters, and may be exported to Excel for further manipulation of the data. Our reports can be set to various security parameters from editable to viewable only by the owner. Or you can allow all users to have access to report editing and/or viewing permissions. You control the rights to the reporting.

Kipu offers many types of reports, detailed below, including Operations, Billing, and Clinical.  You can click on any field and make a report.  Then save to run any time.

Operations Reports

Operational Reports are the lifeblood of the day to day operations of your treatment center. From occupancy to length of stay to therapist discharge analysis and referrals, Kipu’s operational reports help you take charge of the daily functioning of your treatment facility. This is where you find your full suite of business metrics.

Clinical Reports

These are going to be the reports you care about the most…The Clinical Reporting. This is where you can evaluate patient treatment, review patient demographics, compile group sessions, act on urgent issues, and provide individualized patient evaluations.

And much much more!