Kipu EMR software is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Nevertheless, we do get some common questions that we’d like to share the answers to, with you.

Kipu is the Electronics Medical Record (EMR) software most widely used by addiction treatment centers. Simply put, it’s the Gold Standard EMR. Easy. Powerful. Fast!

YES! Kipu’s agile implementation allows us to implement Kipu EMR software to suit your needs within 30 days – or less! Naturally, we need your team to be as involved and engaged as possible in order to quickly adapt Kipu to YOUR needs and requirements. Kipu is designed to work your way!

To manage the Kipu EMR forms, you’ll either need “Super Admin” access or “Manage Templates” access. Click to learn more about Creating Kipu EMR Forms and Kipu’s Forms Library. Or, watch a quick video below by Shara Roman, explaining how to manage forms in Kipu.

The word Kipu actually comes from the ancient word “QUIPU” used by the native South American Andes quiche language. The word “Quipu” means “talking knots.” Click here to learn more about how “quipus” were used as some of the first recording systems in the Americas.
It depends – Kipu EMR is a customized solution designed for YOUR treatment center to work YOUR way. To get the most accurate pricing, please contact one of our expert Kipu Consultants at 561.349.5901 or click here to request a Kipu EMR demo.