Kipu – A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

As you can see with your own eyes, Kipu was created to be easy to use from day one. Designed to visualize your entire census on one screen, (alternatively, there’s a list view), Kipu gives you the ability to identify key details, including patient status, bed assignments, recurring assessments, allergies, urgent issues, admissions and more. Then click on a patient’s photo for their complete record.

Kipu - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Kipu. It’s The Right Technology!

Fast, Easy, Powerful

Your staff will love using Kipu, but don’t let the speed and ease of use fool you. We’re packed with power under the hood. Simplify every aspect of client care with thoughtful, built-in efficiencies, such as one-click file creation, seamless integration between group and patient management, fully customizable bed-boards and integrated insurance documentation and Utilization Review (UR).

The Gold Standard EMR for Addiction Treatment

At Kipu we are 100% focused on developing cost effective and easy to use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technologies for the addiction and behavioral health treatment community. Our field-tested, cloud-based system; Kipu EMR, is designed to provide paperless solutions for the entire client lifecycle – from the first phone call through discharge, and beyond into AfterCare. Best of all, our system is so intuitive and easy to use, the typical deployment time-frame is just one month.

Truly Customized EMR

Kipu EMR works off the shelf for new facilities with our extensive forms library. It is 100% fully customizable, designed to adapt to your facility’s existing workow. Our fast, agile implementation will convert your work process forms, treatment plans, progress notes, homework, etc. into a complete fast and easy to use system. Our Implementation Specialists see to it that the system is configured to your needs from day one. This helps your facility get up and running, without the lag time it typically takes to learn a new system.

Lab Interface, Med Management

Kipu EMR is the only EMR for the substance abuse treatment industry with built-in medication management and Lab 2.0 interface systems. We’re interfaced with over 80 clinical, drug, hair testing and pharmacogenomics labs for smooth ordering and results all inside of Kipu.

New!  PingMD: Messaging and Telehealth

From Kipu (live), you can now send assessments, consents, evaluations, questionnaires, surveys and forms to clients or potential clients to ll out and return as LIVE DATA in Kipu. A secure telehealth platform that allows you to communicate with patients and between staff, including one-on-one therapy sessions.

SECURE in our Private Cloud

Kipu EMR was designed with built-in redundancies such as full data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and role-based logins to help you keep your patient data secure. No servers, I.T. investments, or other expensive I.T. infrastructure. Just log into our HIPAA-compliant environment from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We handle backups, redundancy, upgrades, security and administration for you. In addition, Kipu has consulted with experts to develop a Joint Commission and CARF library of fully compliant patient documentation for use by substance abuse and behavioral health facilities. Learn more about how Kipu can help maintain compliance at

New! The Golden Thread

KIPU EMR links all aspects of the treatment process including the treatment plan through its “GOLDEN THREAD.” Supports medical, clinical or spiritual treatment plans. The Golden Thread allows you to manage the entire episode of care efficiently and quickly.

BONUS: Our 5-Way Guarantee!

Our 5-way guarantee includes your money back, a 30-day agile implementation, and a steak dinner! (See the guarantee at

We are used by over 1,300 addiction treatment facilities and more than 33,000 registered users and over 400,000 episodes of care!

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