Kipu Records is Continuously Updated

Continuously Updated, SAAS EMR

Kipu Records is a fully secure EMR system with built-in redundancies such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end data encryption. As such, you can be sure that your client data is kept safe and secure, helping you to maintain HIPAA compliance.

This SaaS EMR model helps our clients keep current on the latest version of the software without having to experience tedious downloads, or an overwhelming learning curve.

Why Update Our Software?

We created Kipu Records specifically to meet the challenges and needs of the substance abuse industry. We spent two years analyzing the workflows of substance abuse professionals in order to make the best EMR possible. We might be “out of rehab” but we will never stop listening to our users. As such, when our users suggest an update or improvement, we take it seriously.

While we cannot promise to incorporate every single request, we do review every client request and look for ways to incorporate them into the big picture future of Kipu.

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