Kipu Selected as EMR for The Cabin Addiction Services


September 25, 2017, Miami, FL.  KipuEMR has been selected by The Cabin Group, an elite group of international treatment centers with headquarters in northern Thailand.  The Cabin Group offers premium treatment services for alcohol, drug and process addictions, trauma, mental health and eating disorders. The Cabin Group operates nine locations across the region.

“KipuEMR was chosen after an extensive two-year competitive evaluation,” remarked Jeffrey Fiorentino, CEO of Kipu Health.  “This is a landmark implementation for Kipu, and not only expands Kipu’s growing list of international clients but also expands our use by large enterprise clients.” 

KipuEMR was designed in Agile Development, enabling the company to quickly implement changes based on users’ specific needs.  The Cabin Group will also immediately begin using PingMD a highly-secure, messaging and telehealth application, and will be utilizing a specific hosting platform set up by Kipu in the Asian Pacific region to comply with local healthcare data regulations.

“As The Cabin Group is a premier addiction treatment provider, we put considerable time and effort into selecting an EMR to meet our high standards,” said The Cabin Group Chief Clinical Officer, Fiona Markham. “We will be immediately implementing KipuEMR and anticipate having it active throughout all of our facilities within the next few months. This also coincides with the launch of our two new sub brands, Resort 12 for the LGBTQ community and The Cabin Edge for 16-28 year old males, which were born out of a high client demand for more specialized forms of treatment.  Although the treatment of addiction & trauma for all sufferers no matter their age, cultural background, sexual preference and gender identity is rooted in the same core principles, there are nuances to be found within certain client segments that can benefit from a more bespoke & sensitive approach. And Kipu has the functionality and flexibility to help us to manage these new brands.”
About The Cabin Group
The Cabin Addiction Services Group is a leading provider of premium addiction and behavioral treatment services with residential and outpatient rehabs and affiliated services around the world.  Headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Cabin Group is widely recognized as being at the forefront of treatment by both the international behavioral health community and the media.  The Cabin Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to raise awareness about addiction problems in Thailand and to further provide education, training and support to those working and/or studying in the field of addiction treatment.

About Kipu Health
Kipu Health is building an ecosystem of technology and media to affect the entire spectrum of the addiction treatment continuum.  KipuEMR is the largest and most widely implemented EMR in the addiction treatment community, utilized by over 1,300 addiction treatment facilities and 32,000 users, having handled in excess of 400,000 episodes of care.  The Kipu Health portfolio includes KipuEMR, leeRCM, PingMD, InRecovery Magazine and RecoveryBound.

About PingMD
PingMD was designed by physicians for physicians over the course of 6 years, at a cost of nearly $13 million. While still available to medical centers and general practitioners, it has additionally been upgraded and integrated with the KipuEMR for targeted high purpose functionality in the addiction treatment and behavioral health communities.      

Contact: Lourdes Bedoya at KipuEMR
Phone: 305-281-3996

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