Lab Interface 2.0

Kipu's Lab 2.0

Kipu’s powerful lab interfaces allow your medical personnel to place orders for testing, process requisitions, and receive lab results directly into the patient chart, saving you countless hours and effort spent faxing, reviewing, and scanning paper reports (remember, emailing reports is a HIPAA violation). In fact, Kipu has partnered with over 80 testing labs in order to process orders and results electronically.
Current support for…
   80 Toxicology Labs
   Urine Toxicology
   Clinical (Blood Testing)
   Hair Testing

   New Dymo Printer
   Client Signature (Label)
   New Reporting Options
   Medical Necessity
   New MNDR Report

It’s all about improving care and creating efficiencies.

   No more paper forms, double entry, or errors
   Specify Test Frequencies
   Generate Random Test Frequencies (coming soon)
   Statements of Medical Necessity Documentation (MNDR)
   No need to log into separate portals to input data
   Physician’s orders are transmitted automatically
   Assists in compliance
   Reduces the possibility of overtesting or missing tests


The requisition comes up in Kipu to collect sample based on schedule or at random. Collect. Add Label. Scan. Ship/Pick up. Chain of Custody Tracked.

   Kipu’s Lab Interface Documents…
        • Patient demographic information
        • Prescribed medications
        • Diagnosis codes
        • Insurance information
        • Medical Necessity
Specimen Testing
        • Specimen is collected
        • Label is scanned or printed
        • Requisition is processed
        • Specimen is shipped or picked up
   Now Supports Dymo Printers

Lab 2.0’s automatic process, utilizing our supplied barcode labels and
scanner tracks Chain of Custody. PLUS! Lab 2.0 now supports Dymo Printers.

Streamline Your Lab Process. Improve Care. And It’s FREE*!

If you’re not using the New Kipu Lab Interface 2.0, you’re missing a whole new way to streamline your treatment center and simplify lab ordering, collection, and reporting of results. Now includes Chain Of Custody and MNDRSM Reporting!
Kipu's Lab 2.0

Sample arrives at lab, scanned to preserve Chain of Custody, lab performs ordered tests. Lab returns results. appears on patient home screen indicates there is an un-reviewed lab result.
Review and sign results. Order a re-test if needed.

   Lab returns test results directly into patient file
   Notification of unreviewed lab result
   Review and sign
   So new, we’re filing for a provisional patent
   MNDR:SM Medical Necessity Documentation ReportSM
   Report on Orders Per Patient
   Report on Requisitions Per Patient
   Report on Results Per Patient

…and the best part?

Free* for Kipu EMRTM clients using third-party labs!