Levels of Care

Whether you offer Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, or OP, Kipu EMR was built by the addiction treatment community for the addiction treatment community.

Levels of care: Detox - Residential Treatment - PHP - IOP - OP - Aftercare

Unlike other products that use a cookie cutter approach from other health sectors. Kipu was designed for YOU: The addiction and behavioral health community.

Here are a few features of Kipu arranged by level of care, many of which any unique to Kipu because of our own pedigree in Addiction Treatment. This is not a full featured list, for that please take the EMR Tour. For example VOB, UR, Labs.


The Kipu EMR was developed in an agile environment for about one year in an actual, working, CARF accredited detox facility. The specific needs of that facility gave us unique expertise in areas like:

Medication Management

Kipu EMR has many strengths, but we stand out in Medication Management, administration, and dispensing. Physicians or medical officers can save standard orders, taper orders, even enter manual orders, with every conceivable frequency. Staff then administers medication based on med logs that indicate when a dosage is due and they log the administration of meds to prevent double or accidental administration.

We also support eFax and eScript including a complete encyclopedia of medications, first Response Efficacy, reactions, and drug interactions, including the FDA adverse Event Reporting System plus our DNA Pharmacogenetics Lab Interface gives medical personnel even more data on optimum dosages when prescribed with other medication. Our competitors mostly developed in Behavioral Health where medication management is not needed. This explains why Kipu has won every competitive evaluation at facilities with Detox or Treatment involving medication.

Bed Boards and Occupancy Management

Again, our roots and pedigree point to another strength of Kipu EMR. You can pre-plan arrivals and departures, assign beds, rooms, even multiple floors or wings or locations.

When Occupancy is enabled, you can display your Occupancy in the form of a Bed Board in as many displays as you choose throughout your premises or authorized locations. Common uses for the Bed Board display are in the Admissions Coordinators/Call Center area, the Nurse’s Station, Executive Offices, etc.

The Bed Board Display will show, in grid form, your current census, detailing for each patient/client the admission and discharge date, gender, MR#, referrer and discharge facility, payment method, level of care and any status and flag (allergies, urgent issue, etc.). The Bed Board Display refreshes every 2 minutes, to acquire the latest information.

Residential Treatment PHP, IOP, OP

After a year in detox, Kipu developers moved to CARF Florida, a Joint Commission Accredited Treatment Center (which by the way had an average age of 67 among their therapy staff, so our additional challenges were obvious…getting them to love a computer EMR) to continue our Agile Development in Treatment, which requires many unique features sets not found or needed in Detox or Behavioral Health Treatment facilities. Our developers also worked closely with staff at The Florida House Experience (FHE), another joint commission accredited facility with all levels of care and an expansive marketing and advertising staff who had input to the Kipu “Pre-Admission” module or “CRM”. To this day, FHE still uses Kipu’s pre-admission CRM and after a short test – Salesforce, returned to Kipu’s built-in CRM. FHE’s Detox facility also runs on KIPU EMR.

Additional Feature-sets Treatment, PHP, IOP, OP facilities:

Group Session Notes: This is the one…When we show this at demos, we see more smiles from therapists than we see on stage at the crowning of Miss America. It’s simple, really, but so specialized to Addiction Treatment Facilities that no-other EMR really does this right.

Therapists schedule group sessions, attach homework assignments or other material, print schedule for clients, then start the session on a PC, Laptop, or IPAD Tablet, and take role/adjust the attendance.

During or after the session, the therapist enters group session notes along with individual notes on each client in group, then sign it and submit for review by the clinical director (if your PHP calls for that) and BAM! Each attendance gets a Group and individual session note in their file. Plus, if this is checked as a “Billable Event” then Kipu will include the session in it’s billing report for each attendance.

Sessions with homework assignments and other materials attached can be saved for future groups. Kipu EMR’s group session features not only save hours of time for therapists, it’s also the answer to demands made by accrediting agencies and Insurance Payors — we’ve set the standard by which addiction treatment operates today.

Treatment Plans

Kipu EMR starts with over 75 Treatment Plans and 2,500 goals right off the shelf:

  • Entire Wiley Treatment planners embedded within the Kipu library along with additional library contributions
  • Upon implementation, all client treatment plans are digitized and added to the library for immediate use
  • Additional treatment plans available to be purchased and added through the “Kipu Marketplace”
  • Freedom to develop or modify/customize and save treatment plans
  • “Golden Thread” connects each segment of the episode of care, for review and approval.

AfterCare / Monitoring and Maintenance

Only recently has the buzzword “AfterCare” been used as a “Level of Care”, previously being called “Alumni Relations” or even “Alumni Programs.” Again,
Kipu’s unique position in addiction treatment has given our Agile Development Team insight into this very unique and segmented world. It doesn’t exist
in behavior health or any other area, so other EMRs simply can’t do it. We built (and continue to build) our AfterCare Module in addiction treatment, for
addiction treatment with features (existing and coming).