Tools & Technology

Learn the details behind Kipu EMR software technology. Click on any item below to learn about how our team and suite of tools and technology help thousands of addiction and behavioral health treatment facilities like yours.

Assessment Tools

the kipu emr software Assessment Tool

Use pre-loaded assessment tools, & customize your own from a library of provided forms.

Gold Biller

kipu emr software Gold Biller

Gold Billers use a special login to harvest data through custom reports created in Kipu.

Interfaces & API’s

kipu emr software interface and API's

Interface with devices & programs like lab systems, breathalyzers, or SalesForce to facilitate workflow.

Manage Users

Manage Userswith kipr emr software

Over 100 different & distinct user roles with up to 12 different access rights per role.

Yubi Key

kipu emr software Yubi Key

Prevent unauthorized access to user accounts with unmatched hardware security.

Fingerprint Signatures

kipu emr software Fingerprint Signatures

Utilize fingerprint scanners as an extra bio-metric security feature.  Coming soon.

Golden Thread

kipu emr software Golden Thread

Link all aspects of the medical, clinical, & spiritual treatment process.


Interoperability with kipu emr software

Our intermediate solution as we work toward the Shared Nationwide Interoperability standard.

Messages and Notifications

kipu emr software Message Center

Allows for secure, confidential internal discussion on patient issues, e-mail and text alerts, and more.

Built In Tools

Built In Tools in kipu emr software

Drive efficiency and improve patient care with built-in, time saving tools.

Forms Creation

kipu emr software Forms Creation

Eliminate all paper documents, and turn your existing forms into easy to use digital forms.

Hardware Requirements

kipu emr software Hardware Requirements

As a cloud-based application, all you need for access is a current browser.

Keystroke Saver

Keystroke Saver from kipu emr software

Record all inputs without File Locking.  All input is saved automatically.

Signature Levels

Signature Levels in kipu emr software

Ensure that signature levels are available at every segment of the treatment process.

Forms Library

kipu emr software Forms Library

Start quickly with a library of pre-designed forms for common treatment center operations.

ICD-10 & DSM 5

ICD-10 and DSM 5

Avoid denial or delay in coverage & reimbursements. Train your staff to define diagnosis.

Kipu Marketplace

Kipu Marketplace

Easily find the the best addiction treatment partners, solution providers, & resources available.

Truly Cloud

Truly Cloud

Modern programming language and Agile Development make learning & implementing fast and easy.