Assessment Tools

An important requirement for clinical treatment includes evaluations and assessments. With KIPU, pre-loaded assessments are readily available for selection and use. KIPU allows you to create your own assessments as well as customize from the provided library of forms. All assessments pre-populate with the demographic information from the patient’s file along with a drop down option to view all past evaluations. Our Golden Thread capability integrates medical, clinical or any other treatment plan items directly with your clinical assessment(s), progress notes, and group session notes.

  • Information in each form can be populated from another evaluation or assessment
  • Over 100 hundred templates available in our growing library, or easily create and save your own assessments
    • Bio-Psycho Social
    • Eating Disorders
    • Sex Addiction
    • Suicide Risk Assessment
    • Minnesota Personality Test
    • Admission Screening Assessment
  • Ability to customize existing or create custom templates / forms / assessments
  • Library of Joint Commission and CARF tested forms
  • Our Golden Thread capability links all aspects of the treatment process to the treatment plan including objectives for a specific diagnosis or problem.

The assessments also provide a permissions list view, which clearly defines clinical or administrative groups of staff who are able to add the form into the chart or sign off on the assessment.

The reality is that KIPU’s assessment tab offers much more than just finding an assessment/evaluation and linking it to the parent. KIPU offers a scalable interactive system that enables the clinician to enter a process flow that best suits the patient.

If that is not enough, our Golden Thread module provides the clinical staff with a proposed set of interventions, objectives, goals or solutions for problems, as required, suggested by the assessment or diagnosis. Once the patient is assessed, the Golden Thread will allow staff to pick and choose, enter manually or customize any treatment plan, utilizing the incorporated drag + drop technology. The hard work of searching and selecting is accomplished and provided for your review. The Golden Thread is simple to use and easy to incorporate.