Fingerprint Signatures – Coming Soon

Fingerprint Signatures
First there was paper. Then with the advent of electronic systems, signature processes evolved from handwritten to utilizing a mouse or a signature pad. Finally, Kipu has modernized the signing process by utilizing fingerprint scanners. With fingerprint signatures (coming soon), Kipu allows you to:

  • Capture staff and patient signatures
  • Identify patients (pharmacy/medication distribution/group session attendance)
  • Use for lab testing, consents, and treatment plans
  • Fingerprint scanning uploads and inserts physical signatures in forms, consents, progress notes, files, etc.

Contact your Kipu sales consultant for more information on the Fingerprint Signature feature and/or recommendations for fingerprint scanners that will work with your environment.

Utilizing two forms of patient verification, photograph and fingerprint reader; KIPU EMR utilizes their med pass program to generate action orders as prescribed by the physician. The med pass screen displays to the appropriate staff indicating who, when and at what time of day, medications and or action orders, such as changing a dressing or bandage, should be addressed.