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Messaging within a treatment center is a vital component. Kipu’s internal and secure messaging center not only provides a seamless method of communicating information, it makes sure that that the facility prevents any unauthorized disclosure of patient related information. Our secure system within the EMR allows you to discuss patient issues internally; in addition, the message never becomes a part of the clinical record and can be deleted once the action or information is contained or completed. Every segment of your process flow has the ability to confidentially communicate. Your UR department can message the clinician to update a patient’s file or the therapist can be advised that a treatment plan is required to be changed and notes have been entered. Additionally, you can imbed links within the message, for example, pointing to a treatment plan.

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Create different alerts and notifications to fit the needs of your organization. Kipu provides you and your staff the ability to schedule each and every event in the episode of care as a notification through our integrated calendar. Our notifications engine is able to send a Kipu message (email) or text messages denoting upcoming group/individual sessions, treatment plan due dates, or any master calendar information requiring follow up. Our system also has the ability to notify counselors or primary therapist whenever a client is late to a session or misses it entirely. Information is live and utilized with our embedded systems like fingerprint scanning and immediate notification of a patient’s file. Being updated enables the growth of a fully efficient system. Kipu also allows for sending a refill notification to the pharmacy through e-script or e-fax. Our lab interface directly communicates with over 80 laboratories approved in Kipu and updates the patient file and notifies staff automatically. Our notification ability also extends past the clients. Advisements to staff for VOB or UR notification for concurrent review along with benefits termination dates or days left, keeps you apprised of all aspects of your business.