Truly Cloud

We’re In The Cloud

10 years ago, when most EMR’s were built, there was a server at the facility. Users outside the original facility, where the server resides, used VPN’s or something called a “Citrix Server.”

Chances are, those programs are written in old computer programming languages like “Cobol” or “C” and they are rigid beyond belief. One client told us they were charged $800 by their old EMR company to change a word in a screen.

What’s worse, those programs were built by “programmers” in a vacuum. They built the flow the way they saw it, not the way treatment centers operate. So training and use was difficult.

Enter Kipu. We were written just 5 years ago when The Cloud was just getting popular, and developed in something called Agile Development.

And, we’re written in a modern technology stack including Ruby on Rails and dot-Net. That means changes are fast and easy. Learning to use Kipu is fast and easy, and implementing Kipu is also fast and easy. And since we’re truly in the cloud, we play well with others with fast, easy API’s to other programs like SalesForce and CollabMD Billing, plus the full suite of leeRCM products, Labs, and others found at Kipu Marketplace.

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