Homework Planner

Assign, create, or modify existing homework plans to meet treatment goals and objectives. Hundreds of pre-existing homework plans along with your digitized plans, allow your staff to individualize homework and treatment plan assignments based on the patient’s needs. Once created and saved, Kipu’s “Golden Thread” ability provides homework suggestions for review and implementation as needed.

  • Entire Wiley Homework Planner embedded within the Kipu Library along with additional library contributions.
  • Upon implementation, all client homework plans are digitized and added to the library for immediate use.
  • Additional homework plans available to be purchased and added through the “Kipu Marketplace“.
  • Freedom to develop or modify / customize and save homework plans.
  • Golden Thread” connects each segment of the episode of care, for review and approval.

Kipu EMR allows your staff to develop and/or modify hundreds of homework plans from the embedded library. Upon implementation, your homework plans are digitized and available for use immediately, allowing your medical staff to not miss a beat. From day one, therapists are able to process assignments smoother and easier while customizing each assignment to the patient. The “Golden Thread” feature suggests individualized homework plans that are easy to select, assign and review. The effortless process allows more one-on-one time with the patient and less on paperwork.

Providing and tracking assignments and homework for episodes of care can be very time consuming. Kipu EMR homework planner allows you to focus less on preparing and more on actual patients – one-on-one time. Homework and assignments are developed, stored, saved by track and can be chosen at any time required. Similar to teaching, you are able to define a syllabus beforehand by track.

Many therapists have documented and preferred homework assignments by track. Years of experience have been accumulated and most information is either saved on a desktop or stored away in a filing cabinet. As part of the syllabus, you are able to enter/create, organize, insert, and copy assignments into a folder that can be assigned to the patient or group as required. Add PDF documents, video links, and homework assignments (ex. Wiley Homework Planner), or simply make sure that previous valuable information, such as class notes; are digitized and provided.

Assign, create, or modify existing homework plans

Enter Wiley Addiction Treatment Homework Planner embedded in Kipu. Start with them and modify / save or just create your own.

Wiley Addiction Treatment Homework Planner
Included Inside of Kipu

When the syllabus or folder is ready for use, and saved within the system, the therapist has the ability to either print out the selected work as handouts or assign it to the group or individual electronically. Kipu’s electronic interface allows users in IOP or OP to connect via Internet, sign into the group login or individual login and access any homework assignment that is assigned. Better yet, you are able to receive notifications when the assignment is completed or due dates have elapsed. The patient is also able to receive a message when some item has been assigned or a project is due.

Accessibility is also defined very clearly – there are no limitations. Since Kipu is built in the cloud, you and your patients are able to access the information from your tablet-iPad, cellphone or desktop computer. Once the homework is assigned, it is attached to the patient file and it remains there for the complete episode of care. It is that simple!